Estonian foreign minister describes relations with Latvia as ''excellent as always''

Nina Kolyako, BC, Riga, 03.03.2011.

Relations between Latvia and Estonia are ''excellent as always'', Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet said during a joint press conference with Latvian Foreign Minister Girts Valdis Kristovskis (Unity) in Riga on Wednesday.

Paet expressed satisfaction that the Riga Estonian High School continues to educate students, and said that there are various ideas of cooperation possibilities between Latvia and Estonia. The minister noted that this is a special year in relations between the two countries, as it is the 20th anniversary since the restoration of independence in both Estonia and Latvia, writes LETA.

On the other hand, Kristovskis also pointed to the good bilateral relations between the two countries, as well as to the fact that there is still much to be done on various levels. There are good examples of practical cooperation between Latvia and Estonia, like for example the common embassy in the Egyptian capital of Cairo, as well as the report on future cooperation between the two countries.

Speaking about the situation in Belarus, both foreign ministers agreed that assistance must be offered to the country's divided public by offering young persons the opportunity to study in Latvian and Estonian higher education institutions. Paet also said that additional sanctions must be imposed against Belarussian companies that are directly supporting the Alexander Lukashenko regime.

The European Union (EU) will return to this issue in the near future and ''we will look for a solution'', Kristovskis added.


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