I am Belarusian. Belarus : Song lyrics changed

Belarus' national television (BTRC) have announced that their entry at this year's Eurovision Song Contest was changed in order to avoid any asociation of the former USSR republic of Byelorussia with the independent state of Belarus. Anastasiya Vinnikova will perform her song entitled I am Belarusian at the 56th edition of Europe's favourite music show.

As exclusively announced on February 28th, Anastasiya Vinnikova will represent Belarus at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011. She was internally selected by the national television of the former USSR country (BTRC) to perform her song at Europe's favourite music show.

The new lyrics of this year's entry from Belarus were written by Evgeny Oleynik and Svetlana Geraskova. Olenyk is also responsible for the orchestration of I am Belarusian. BTRC decided to change the lyrics of their song as they want it to desribe the contemporany state of Belarus.

You can read below the new lyrics of I am Belarusian :

I'm gonna make it my way Just getting stronger each day I'm from Belarus so I say I'm Belarusian

I've got the whole life to live I've got so much I can give And you can always believe In my friendship

Now it's time to show


I am Belarusian feel it in my mind Belarusian friendly and so kind Time's on my side Nothing is gonna break me now

I am Belarusian feel it in my heart Belarusian

Now it's a new start

Here is my time

I'm gonna take it anyhow

I feel so good to be free

Honour is what you can see

My love's as deep as the sea

I'm Belarusian

Now it's time to show

Belarus will compete in the second semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011.


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