Belarus satisfied with UN apology: foreign ministry

Belarus accepted "with satisfaction" the apology of the UN leadership on the unfounded allegations of official Minsk in illegal arms sales to Cote d'Ivoire, said Belarusian Foreign Ministry press secretary Andrei Savinykh on Thursday.

"We are ready to consider appearing false accusations against the Republic of Belarus in violation Security Council sanctions as a random and unintentional error. We also look forward to the complete exclusion of such mistakes in future," said Savinykh.

According to the official, Belarus considers the UN Security Council "as a key element of the global system of international security, and we are ready to do everything we can to strengthen the role of this organ of the United Nations."

On Wednesday at a press briefing at UN headquarters in New York, Deputy Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations Alain Le Roy said that the report that Belarusian plane with helicopters landed in Cote d'Ivoire was erroneous. He offered his apologies to Belarus for the damage caused to the image of the country.

"I met the Charge d'Affaires of Belarus and I expressed our deep regrets and our apologies for the damage caused to Belarus due to a wrong reporting from the mission," said Alain Le Roy to Charge d'Affaires of Belarus to the UN Zoja Kolontai.


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