Moldova denies ban on wine imports to Belarus

There’s no ban on Moldovan wine supplies to Belarus, spokeswoman of Moldova’ government Tatiana Kazak was quoted as saying by the press.

According to her, representatives of the Belarusian embassy in Moldova have contacted the Moldovan government and explained that there’s some misunderstanding and that official bodies in Belarus have issued no ban on Moldovan wine supplies.

Representatives of the Belarusian embassy in Moldova have expressed regret at the unfortunate situation, arisen in this regard, RIA Novosti quoted Kazak as saying.

Moldova’s Prime Minister Vladimir Filat told a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers earlier that Belarus had banned to issue sanitary certificates for importation of wine and cognac from Moldova since 4 April.

The head of the Moldovan Government requested the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Agriculture to find out the cause of prohibition.


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