Belarus lose interests in EU's Eastern Partnership

MINSK, April 1 (Xinhua) -- The Eastern Partnership program loses its attractiveness, Belarusian foreign ministry press secretary Andrei Savinykh said Friday.

"The program of the European Union Eastern Partnership is emasculating and losing its appeal today. After more than two years of talk we do not see any tangible progress," Savinykh told local media, adding, that "Belarus has reacted very positively towards the idea of Eastern Partnership, as this EU program could become an effective tool for its member-states, the EU and CIS countries."

He stressed that "Belarus has joined the process of coordinating priority areas of cooperation and developing concrete projects, and in this work the focus was solely on the projects which are of interest for every side."

According to the official, "Belarus hopes the organizers will have enough political will to bring the case to a logical conclusion, based on the declared principles, otherwise, our concerted efforts will be wasted."

The European Union is going to launch a new regional investment project East Invest.

European Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy, Stefan Fule, said earlier that the implementation of East Invest will promote economic development of participating countries of the "Eastern Partnership" in the field of economic reforms towards EU integration.

Implementation of this project should help to support small and medium-sized enterprises in participating countries.


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