Belarus opens tractor factory in the Vojvodina Region of Serbia

As part of its employment promotion programme, Serbia's Government of Vojvodina supported the opening of “Belarus” plant in Novi Sad. Also, through the Development Bank of Vojvodina, were provided credit lines for new tractors as well as production space for the factory, Prime Minister Bojan Pajtic announced. He sad that the project is significant to investors and that the production of tractors would improve the export structure of Serbia and contribute to the improvement of the foreign-trade balance and added: - "Belarus-Agropanonka" is very significant, not only because it provides new jobs, but also for providing jobs for a dozen subcontractors throughout Serbia. It is also extremely important for our farmers, who will be able to obtain agricultural mechanization at lower prices. The arrival of "Belarus" in Vojvodina and Serbia is very important signal for other foreign investors, since the factory in Minsk is one of the biggest of the world in the production of tractors, said a provincial premier. Source: Vojvodina Investment Promotion Agency


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