Minsk denies Belarusian defense specialists' presence in Libya


The Belarusian Foreign Ministry has dismissed media reports about the presence of this country's military specialists in Libya.

"There are and can be no military specialists in Libya. It is naive to assume otherwise," Belarusian Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Savinykh told Interfax.

The conversation between a Komsomolskaya Pravda reporter and an embassy official (from the Belarusian Embassy in Libya) is "totally falsified," he said. "This journalist, if you will, whose lack of professional ethics is obvious, called to the embassy with a question about the departing Belarusian doctors," Savinykh said.

"This article can be seen either as a desire by tabloids to make money on readers' credulousness, or we are facing yet another attempt to discredit the Republic of Belarus," he said.

"Remarkably, the technology of such tricks involves a false publication in a newspaper with a low reputation or whose rating does not matter," the Foreign Ministry spokesman said. Then, "the material is being distributed by the so-called "respectable media" who are no longer responsible for the content," he said.

"Very soon we will know whether this is a cheap maneuver by tabloids or a well-thought through massive provocation," the diplomat said.


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