16 May 2005

UPI Intelligence Watch

Following the spate of "velvet revolutions" in former Soviet states, the remaining regimes are convinced that foreign governments intend to destabilize them. According to Belarusian Committee for State Security (KGB) chief Stepan Sukharenko, his organization has documents on foreign plans to overthrow the Belarus government. Sukharenko told journalists, "The KGB knows the names of foreign masterminds of these plans and their executors in the country. We are aware that the West allocated $5 million on power shift in Belarus. By the end of this year the sum will be increased tenfold. This money will be used on undermining information campaigns, economic blackmail and training of foreign and Belarusian militants who should destabilize the situation in the country. Preparations for so-called color revolutions are under way under the guise of international seminars and conferences. I would not give details but we control the situation, particularly, in the neighboring countries, and will be ready to take relevant tough measures if necessary." Sukharenko added that the Belarusian KGB's intelligence has confirmed the previous statement of Russia's Federal Security Service Director Nikolai Patrushev on preparations for a populist revolution in Belarus.