Polish - Belarus relations in crisis

Polish head of state said that the attitude of Belarus authorities to the Polish minorities living in Belarus is unacceptable.

The Polish head of state commented last week's interference of Belarus authorities into the elections conducted by the Polish Union in Belarus .

Newly elected authorities of the Union were recalled and the elections annulled after Belarus Justice Ministry said they were not in line with the Union's status. This was yet another example of the interference of Belarus authorities into the internal affairs of the NGO grouped in Belarus. Polish foreign ministry has issued a formal protests and steps have been taken to help the Polish minority in Belarus.

Aleksander Kwasniewski also commented Polish Russian relations describing them as difficult.

The president considers that Russia has no wish to renounce its influence in the region and Moscow resents Poland's involvement in the Orange Revolution in Ukraine last year, which toppled the Moscow supported rule of Leonid Kuchma.