May 25 2005

New chair urges Belarus to accelerate accession work


Press Release - World Trade Organization

The seventh meeting of the Working Party for the accession of Belarus to the WTO was held on May 24, 2005 presided by the new chairperson Ambassador Mia Horn af Rantzien of Sweden.The delegation of Belarus was led by Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Andrei Kobyakov.

The Chairperson said that the Working Party appreciated the efforts made by the Government of Belarus since the last meeting, particularly in the area of advancing and putting in place WTO-related legislation and enforcement mechanisms.

But she also said that on all fronts, including bilateral market access negotiations, more progress is needed and the pace of the progress needs to be further accelerated before the drafting of the first Working Party report. No date was set for next meeting, pending consultations in September after new information and data is provided by Belarus.