President Triet visits localities in Belarus

State President Nguyen Minh Triet visited a number of localities in Belarus on May 15, the last day of his official visit to the country.

Mr Triet expressed his hope that Belarusian and Vietnamese localities would strengthen cooperation and share experience in socio-economic development.

He visited Khatyn national memorial complex, about 60km north-east of the capital, Minsk, where many people in Khatyn village in Logoiski of Minsk province, including 75 children, were killed by the Nazi Germany during the second world war.

President Triet laid a wreath to commemorate the victims and expressed his condolences over the massacre and criticised the past war. As a war-worn country, Vietnamese people, like Belarusians, want to ensure peace and stability in the world and at home.

During his visit to Begoml town in Vichev province, Mr Triet expressed his delight at the strong development of Belarus' agricultural sector and wanted to boost cooperation with Belarusian localities.

Earlier, President Triet visited the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve in Vichev, about 100km from Minsk.


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