Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan have unsettled issues in building Customs Union - Putin


Strelna, Leningrad region, May 22 (Interfax) - Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan have not yet reached an agreement on some sensitive issues in building the Customs Union, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said.

"We should inform you that we have so far been unable to coordinate all issues, and there are some sensitive points for Kazakhstan's, Belarus's, and Russia's economies," Putin told journalists following the talks on Friday.

In particular, Kazakhstan is concerned about the volume of goods brought into the country by individuals, Russia about the automotive industry, and Belarus about export customs duties, Putin said.

The parties agreed to continue the ratification of the common customs code, he said.

"We will continue consultations to reach an agreement on the sensitive issues in the near future. We have agreed [to conduct such consultations] at the level of experts within the next two weeks," Putin said.


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