Russian would-be 'soldier of fortune' caught on Polish border

A Russian national who planned to join the French Foreign Legion was caught on the border between Belarus and Poland for attempting to illegally cross the border, a Belarusian border guards official said on Monday.

"Belarusian border guards detained a 31-year-old Russian citizen from the Kursk region on the border [with Poland] over the weekend," spokesman Alexander Tishchenko said.

The Russian man assumed that a successful attempt to cross the well-guarded border would increase his chances to join the famed French military unit.

The would-be "soldier of fortune" was reportedly well-prepared for the trip - he had a saw, pair of scissors, pliers, a screwdriver, insulated tape, a Russian-French phrase book, a world atlas, several copies of travel magazines, sufficient food supplies and an equivalent of $170 in Russian currency.

Tishchenko said the detainee would be prosecuted for attempting to illegally cross the border.

The French Foreign Legion is a unique military unit in the French Army established in 1831. The legion was specifically created for foreign nationals wishing to serve in the French Armed Forces.

In the past, the Legion had a reputation for attracting criminals on the run and would-be mercenaries, but the recruiting process is now severely restricted and background checks are performed on all applicants


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