Polish backing in Strasbourg for minority in Belarus

Prime Minister Marek Belka has offered Agelika Borys the title of Honorary Consul of the Polish Republic in Belarus. After the meeting Borys, who has been outlawed as head of the Union of Poles in Belarus by the Lukashenko regime in Minsk, said her basic activity would remain to focus on the rights of the Polish minority in that country. Premier Belka, on his part, reminded that the consent of Belarusian authorities is needed for such nomination to become official and assured his guest of the Polish goverment's and parliament's backing of the defunct Union authorities' cause . Meanwhile, the former Union of Poles leader and her supporters have been harassed by the police and called in for dozens of interrogations under trumped up charges in Grodno, the headquarters of the organization.

On Thursday, Angelika Borys is travelling to Strasbourg together with Civic Platform leader and presidential candidate Donald Tusk to presented the problems of the Polish minority in Belarus to deputies of the European Parliament.