September 19, 2005

Foreign secret services taking keen interest in Belarus ahead of presidential election: Official

Foreign secret services are taking a keen interest in Belarus ahead of the presidential election next year, the Itar Tass news agency quoted the head of the country's security agency as saying on Sunday.

"We see many secret services are carrying out very aggressive and hysterical work against our state," Stepan Sukhorenko, head of the State Security Committee, told reporters on Saturday.

Representatives of various foreign foundations are active in the country, Sukhorenko said. "Many in the West cannot live in peace with the course pursued by the Belarussian president."

Belarussian secret services may unveil results of the work to expose spies and bust the attempts to recruit Belarussian citizens, he said.

The fight against organized crime, corruption and terrorism remain priorities for the country's secret services, the security chief said.

Source: Xinhua