26 September 2005

Foreign Ministers of Ukraine and Belarus paraph consular convention

The Foreign Ministers of Ukraine and Byelorussia, Borys Tarasyuk and Sergey Martynov paraphed a consular convention on September 26.

According to Borys Tarasyuk, the document is expected to be endorsed in October in Minsk during Yuri Yekhanurov's visit there.

The Ministers noted their coutries' significant progress in trade. Thus the past eight months' turnover has already exceeded the last year's turnover and amounted to one billion USD. The parties expect the turnover to come to 1.5 bn USD till the end of 2005.

During the meeting the fuel-energy sector matters were discussed, Borys Tarasyuk said.

In his turn, Sergei Martynov noted, that Ukraine is among Belarus' important partners and Yuriy Yekhanurov's visit will deepen bipartite links. Moreover, the expected 1.5 bn USD turnover is not the limit.