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The idea of this experimental music project, later named AUTISM, emerged in the latter half of the 80's when two school friends, Vadim Militsin and Dmitry M.U., lived in Leipzig (Germany). Instead of going to school they played home sessions using metal pipes, pots and "Blasinstrument Koko" in the hope of producing something like "techno-pop''.

In 1995, both DM-fans came back to that idea when they had some money to buy their first ''adult'' keyboard. In the middle of that year, they recorded a demo-album at home, entitled "The Spiral Twist", which primarily tried to fuse the spirits of techno-pop, trance and Coil. The duo's second work the same year was the mini-album "Analogue Hallucinogen" under the name of ON THE EDGE - a fully experimental project with ambient elements.

In 1996, AUTISM mastered computer technology and began writing music using various sound blasters. Now the whole of the duo's equipment consists of a PC and two old Soviet analogue synthesizers. Using these devices, AUTISM recorded "Hypno-pop" (1996), "Ultramarine" and "Membrana" (both - 1997).

AUTISM makes a couple of live performances each month in different clubs around Minsk, and was named the best live Belarusian electronic group of 1997. In autumn 1996, AUTISM played several concerts in Eindhoven (Holland).

The concept for AUTISM is "emotionally coloured" electronic music with no style frames. "Membrana" , the duo's latest work, is a mixture of trip-hop, ambient, blues, new age and jungle with elements of oriental and Indian ethnic music.

For any additional information you can contact Vadim Militsin ( 017) 240 38 55  or BMM Records ( 017) 263 89 98 in Minsk (Belarus).
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