Belarus secret services said to be paying attention to the "informational war"

Belarus secret services said that the summits of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (ODKB) and of the CIS economic association EuroAzES, which passed last week in Minsk, prevented an attempt of the "enemies" to influence the situation in the country. Belarus authorities organized a round table with the foreign journalists on the issue of "Public security and threats exports", on which they have tried to justify laws on criminal responsibility for dissidence, Deutsche Welle reported. As one of the security officials - an employee of the Institute of National Security Valery Bobushev said, local secret services consider control of the state and independent media as a prioritized direction of the counterintelligence work. The secret services see any attempts to bring alternative information to the public and support democracy in the country as a part of the "informational war" waged by the West against Belarus regime. As Bobushev marked, Belarus KGB analysts analyzed series of "colored revolutions" in the former Soviet republics to find the patterns, which can be blocked in their country.