President of Belarus made statement on 15th anniversary of Presidential Security Service

The foreign policy factors can influence negatively the situation in Belarus, according to President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko who spoke at at a solemn session on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Presidential Security Service, online paper Khartiya'97 reports. Lukashenko stressed that these foreign policy factors cannot be underestimated.

He stressed that "rigid suppression of criminal elements, effective and lawful repulse to any extremist actions menacing to calmness and well-being of citizens, should be in an arsenal of methods of work of the corresponding state bodies". Lukashenko specified that it concerns not separate directorates and staff employees, but is targeted at the whole complex of security forces which had no rights to relax.

Lukashenko noted that international terrorism which does not recognize geographical borders, political systems and norms of morals is the most serious from external threats.

The President reminded that organizers and executors of bomb explosion during the celebration of Independence Day of Belarus on July 3, 2008 are not found till now.

Lukashenko demanded the security forces members to constantly to raise quality of operative, information and analytical work. "To work not blindly, to not beat on tails, and precisely and competently to anticipate the negative phenomena", Lukashenko declared, according to Khartiya'97.



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