Belarus: agricultural enterprises completed maize harvesting campaign

Agricultural enterprises of Belarus completed maize harvesting for grain, the general production (in bunker weight) totaled 725 thsd tonnes, announced the Main department of plant growing of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Bealrus. According to data of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, as of October 29 the country harvested maize throughout 109.7 thsd ha, or 100% according to the plan. The production volumes totaled 725 thsd tonnes, the average yield totaled 66.1 c/ha, specified the department. The highest maize grain yield rate was in Grodno oblast - 81.9 c/ha. Maize harvesting campaign was realized in the shortest terms, stated the Ministry. As of the same date of 2009, Belarus harvested maize grain throughout 36% of the planned areas. In the current year, the hot weather during the summer period advanced maize fast ripening, explained the department. According to the fact, last year harvesting rates were lower due to high moisture content of the grain. The Ministry of Agriculture and Food stated that grain quality is sufficient. According to data of the Belarusian Statistics Committee, in 2009 the country produced 449 thsd tonnes of maize grain (in clean weight), down 9.3% compared to 2008 level, the yield totaled 46.8 c/ha.


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