Scotch whiskey to be bottled in Belarus

by Eugene Vorotnikov Moscow December 17 2009 - Minsk Kristall, one of Belarus largest distilleries has officially started bottling of Scotch whiskey in accordance to license agreements signed with Inver House Distillers LTD and Glasgow Whisky Limited earlier this year. The whisky will be bottled in 0.2 and 0.7 litre-bottles. This year, the distillery is expected to produce 5,000 decalitres of premium drink. Currently Inver House Distillers LTD and Glasgow Whisky Limited which were founded more than 50 years ago are among the leaders of the Scotch whisky market. Inver House and Highland cup whiskies, which are blended and are no less than 3 year old, will allow Belarusians to appreciate delicate barley aroma with sweet citrus touch. The Belarusian-bottled scotch will be available at quite affordable prices. In addition to whiskey Minsk Kristal next year is also planning to start bottling the Cuban rum and Mexican tequila. Minsk Kristall is the oldest and biggest distillery in Belarus. Its products are in popular demand not only in Belarus but abroad as well. The distillery employs 630 professionals. Annually, Minsk Kristall produces more than 4 million decalitres of spirits and 1.8 million decalitres of grain alcohol.


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